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Langfjord in summer & autumn

Discover the beauty of the arctic summer on the fjords and in the mountains

Activities from our husky kennel

  • mountain hiking and fishing (trouts, arctic char… (june – october)
  • seafishing in the fjord (cod, halibut, Coalfish,… (june – october)
  • hiking with/ without a husky (june – october)
  • camping under the midnight sun (june – july)
  • pic berries and mushrooms f.e. boletes, chanterelle, blueberries, cloudberries etc…. (august – september)
  • hiking on the glaciers Øksfjordjøkelen & Langfjordjøkelen (june – october)
  • rendeer watching (october)
  • training of the huskies with the dog cart (june – october)

holiday in summer & autumn