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Year 2018

28 Apr 2018

Drone video

Drone video

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15 Jan 2018

Bæskades 300

Bæskades 300

The first race of the season took place last weekend.

Although we participated in the same race in previous years, this year’s race was totally different from before. A new rule to this year’s race only required a short 3 hour mandatory rest which allowed the musher to decided when and where the remaining rest should be taken on the 300km trail.

Ben drove a solid mix of young and experienced dogs in the 14 dog class to a solid 8th place, while Dre took 9th place in the 8-dog class.

We are very pleased with the results of both teams and look forward to building on this positive experience. In just a few short weeks we look forward to our next race, Bergebyløpet 650km.