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On these sites we would like to introduce you to our husky kennel.

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The northern ligts

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are spellbinding. With its dancing greens to rose-pink hues, they charm by shape and intensity to create magical moments. Ancient Norse myths tell of souls of fallen warriors that come back to life under the magnificent Northern Lights….

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… are you interrested to be a doghandler in our kennel.

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Some videos about our dogs, training and daily live in the husky kennel



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  • Very professionell, lovley people, fun and hard work all the time and of course: Dogs Dogs Dogs 🧡
    I had a fantastic time with Ben and his dogs, learned a lot about myself, trust and the feeling of complete and pure happiness!
    I would love to go there again soon!

  • "The trip with the Vidda Runners was an unique experience. I could not wish for more during this week trip: 18 toptrained huskies, blizzard and sun, northern lights, wilderness of the vidda, fishing trouts on the ice. You will never forgett such a trip."

    Daniel L.
  • An incredible experience! Vidda Runners Huskies offers not only a peak into the amazing world of dog sledding, but also a first-hand adventure into the arctic nature. The friendly hosts and good-natured dogs made us feel as part of the pack in no time 😉 Thank you for the memories!

    Amund H.