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Doghandler wanted

This season we are looking for a reliable and dedicated applicant, to work with us as a dog handler from August/September 2023 to May 2024.

The most important task for our handler is to assist us in training the dogs for racing and tours. Additionally handlers will be responsible for daily kennel chores such as cleaning waste in the kennel or feeding. At times this can mean work will start early in the morning and possibly last late into the evening. Handlers are also responsible for helping us to maintain and repair equipment.

We often have puppies (2-12) which require lots of extra special attention, socialization, and training. Puppies can sound cute but puppies can be incredibly demanding. The “education” the puppies get from working with our handler and us will prepare them to join the race team later in their lives.

When we are training the adult dogs, expect to be outside everyday with irregular working hours. You will experience intense seasonal changes and will need the ability to adapt to the rhythm of nature.

Autumn training starts on the ATV, four to six times a week between 1 – 5 hours per day. As soon as the first significant snow comes in November/December we transition from motor training with the dogs to running teams on sleds.

The most intense training period is from November to February when we start covering 40 – 140km daily. We will train four to six days a week in order to best prepare the dogs for our long tours and the Finnmarkslopet 1200km race.

Our hard training occurs during the darkest time of the year. It will be dark, it will be cold, it will be windy, and it will be at times uncomfortable. It can be socially and physically tough in winter due to the extreme environment and even routine tasks can become arduous. We are looking for someone that can train with us in such conditions with a positive attitude.

In return we offer you free accommodation in a separate cabin with shower and toilet, a small kitchen, internet and “pocket money”. In addition, you will be part of our team and work with us to learn how a racing kennel prepares for long distance events.

From our future handler we expect: commitment, genuine interest in wanting to share your life with our dogs, independence and reliability.

If you could imagine yourself as part of our team then let us know why and what you can add! We are looking forward hearing from you.

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