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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is constantly developing the more we spend time with the dogs. Our Alaskan Huskies are trained to the highest levels of dog care for long distance racing and expeditions.

The dogs also enable us to enjoy the arctic landscape far away from the stress of everyday life. The combination of discipline with the hard work of racing, and relaxation of pleasure trips is an important part of sharing our lives with the dogs. We do not exclude either one.

With the dogs, we go to places where motorized vehicles are not permitted and enter a world filled with unique experiences, which can only be accessed by dog sled. These exciting adventures can include; the bluest of skies with full moons, stormy winds and absolute calmness, the midnight sun and Aurora Borealis, and a silence like no other bringing our guests closer to the outdoors as nature intended.

Our guests witness the creation of a bond, of being one with the dogs impressing upon you more than just a mode of transport with their irrepressible urge to run, cheerfulness and toughness.

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  • Very professionell, lovley people, fun and hard work all the time and of course: Dogs Dogs Dogs 🧡
    I had a fantastic time with Ben and his dogs, learned a lot about myself, trust and the feeling of complete and pure happiness!
    I would love to go there again soon!

  • "The trip with the Vidda Runners was an unique experience. I could not wish for more during this week trip: 18 toptrained huskies, blizzard and sun, northern lights, wilderness of the vidda, fishing trouts on the ice. You will never forgett such a trip."

    Daniel L.
  • The husky trip left a deep impression on us. The sensation of the arctic nature was pure and fascinating. Traveling by dogsled through such remote surroundings made us loose our sense for time and space. The organization of this trip emphasized this feeling even more. Ben and Kati act professional and flexible. One gets a feeling of being looked after from the first until last day of the trip.

    Dirk H.